Ate my babies
Ate my babies

Ate my babies

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When a gay man blows the other off and swallows his load.

"That old man ate my babies the other night."

Janna Rollins
June 15, 2024

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The phrase "ate my babies" is a colorful piece of slang that has its roots in the LGBTQ+ community. It's a phrase that might raise eyebrows or cause a chuckle, but its origins are steeped in the rich tapestry of gay culture and language.

The phrase is used to describe a specific sexual act between two men, specifically when one man performs oral sex on the other and swallows his semen. The term "babies" here is a playful and somewhat cheeky reference to sperm, drawing on the biological fact that sperm are necessary for conception.

The phrase is often used in a casual, lighthearted context, as in the example: "That old man ate my babies the other night." It's a way for gay men to talk about their sexual experiences in a way that's both explicit and humorous, reflecting the openness and irreverence that's often found in gay culture.

The origins of "ate my babies" are somewhat murky, as is often the case with slang. It's likely that the phrase emerged organically within the gay community, perhaps in a particular city or region, and then spread through word of mouth and online communication. It's a testament to the creativity and inventiveness of gay slang, which often uses humor and metaphor to describe sexual acts and relationships.

In conclusion, "ate my babies" is a vibrant piece of gay slang that reflects the community's openness about sex and its penchant for humor and wordplay. It's a phrase that's both explicit and playful, encapsulating the spirit of gay culture and language.

slang describe icon Examples of Ate my babies

"Last night was wild; he totally ate my babies."
"Can't believe he ate my babies right there in the car!"
"We had a crazy time, and he ended up eating my babies."
"He was so into it, he just went for it and ate my babies."

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