Practice making babies
Practice making babies

Practice making babies

slang describe icon What dose Practice making babies mean

sexual intercourse without the intent of pregnancy

Guy 1: Damn Tanya's so freaking hot. I want to make babies with here.

Guy 2: No man, you don't want to get her to get the pregs, just practice making babies with her.

Traci Vargas
June 26, 2024

slang describe icon What dose Practice making babies come from

The phrase "practice making babies" is a colorful piece of slang that has been circulating in English-speaking cultures for some time. Its origins are somewhat murky, but it's generally agreed that it emerged from the playful, often euphemistic language used to discuss intimate relations.

The phrase is a cheeky way of referring to sexual intercourse without the intent of pregnancy. It's a playful, somewhat tongue-in-cheek term that acknowledges the biological purpose of sex - procreation - while also highlighting the recreational aspect of it. The phrase is often used in casual conversations among friends, as a way to discuss sexual attraction and activity without being overly explicit or crude.

The example given, a conversation between two guys discussing a woman named Tanya, perfectly illustrates the usage of "practice making babies". Guy 1 expresses a strong physical attraction to Tanya, stating that he wants to "make babies" with her. Guy 2, understanding his friend's intentions, corrects him, suggesting that he doesn't actually want to impregnate Tanya, but rather, he wants to "practice making babies" with her. This exchange underscores the playful, slightly irreverent nature of the phrase.

While the phrase "practice making babies" might not be the most refined or elegant way to discuss sexual activity, it's a part of the rich tapestry of English slang. It's a testament to the creativity and humor that people bring to language, even when discussing topics as universal and serious as sex and reproduction. As with all slang, it's important to understand the context in which it's used, and to use it appropriately.

slang describe icon Examples of Practice making babies

Let's just practice making babies tonight, no need to worry about the consequences.
She's not looking for a serious relationship, just someone to practice making babies with.
After a few drinks, they decided to practice making babies in the backseat of the car.
They both agreed to practice making babies, but made sure to use protection.

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