slang describe icon What dose Statued mean

Statued - being so stoned/high you cannot move, like a statue.

1. Tommy just hit the bong and got statued.

2. "Bro I smoked so much I can't move, I'm statued dude."

Lorraine Kirkland
July 8, 2024

slang describe icon What dose Statued come from

"Statued," a slang term used to describe someone who is so high on marijuana that they are unable to move, has its roots in the physical manifestation of being stoned. The term likely emerged from the observation that someone heavily under the influence of cannabis might appear rigid and immobile, resembling a statue. The image of a person frozen in place, unable to move or react, perfectly captures the feeling of being "statued." The slang term is often used humorously, acknowledging the sometimes comical state of being so high that even basic physical actions become challenging. The phrase "I'm statued" is a playful way to express the extreme level of intoxication, highlighting the temporary paralysis that can accompany heavy marijuana use. While the term itself may be relatively recent, the concept of being so high that one is unable to move is a common experience among cannabis users, making "statued" a relatable and widely understood slang term.

slang describe icon Examples of Statued

I'm so statued I can't even reach for the remote.
Dude, I'm so statued I think I'm a plant.
After that edible, I was statued for hours.
I'm so statued I can't even remember what I was doing.

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