Atheist Imperialism
Atheist Imperialism

Atheist Imperialism

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Atheist Imperialism is a term used to refer to a new atheist ideology that is about spread atheism over the whole world, mainly from developed countries to undeveloped countries and to peripheral countries. Atheist Imperialism is also used to refer to the act of Anglo-Saxon new atheist authors spread new atheism over the whole world and influence the whole world. As an ideology, atheist imperialism is basically state atheism in form of imperialism, it seeks to fight religion, spirituality, supernaturality, metaphysics/extraphysics, esoterism and occultism into all means possible. Always seeking on the use of natural sciences and Neo-Positivism for do so. Atheist Imperialism also seeks on the full control of worldwide politics and science as a way to promote new atheism to everyone and everywhere, atheist imperialism usually seeks on the use of violent arguments and discriminatory arguments as a way to impose new atheism to everyone.

"Atheist imperialism is considered as a culturally authoritarian ideology but it advocates libcentre politics and economics. Atheist imperialism could be considered a possible tool of State Atheism to spread atheism worlwide and even a tool of new atheism to spread new atheism worldwide using science, politics and the internet to do so. Being both forms of atheism and imperialism, it uses violent and discriminatory arguments, always trying, using any means possible, calling everything religious, spiritual, supernatural, metaphysical/extraphysical, esoteric and occult mental illness (delusion, schizophrenia, madness, hallucination etc), as charlatanism and as others usually call those things."

"Atheist Imperialism has become the crusades of 21st century based on new atheism, neuroatheism, psychoatheism, scientoatheism, mediumship/spiritual reductionism and others. Atheist imperialism must be countered and criticized such as religious fanaticism, since atheism imperialism might be considered as a form of religious fanaticism."

Matthew Rowland
June 17, 2024

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Atheist Imperialism is a term that has emerged to describe a modern ideological movement aimed at spreading atheism globally, particularly from developed to developing and peripheral countries. This concept is rooted in the actions of Anglo-Saxon new atheist authors who seek to influence the world by promoting atheism. Essentially, atheist imperialism can be seen as a form of state atheism with imperialistic ambitions, aiming to combat religion, spirituality, and other metaphysical beliefs through the use of natural sciences and Neo-Positivism.

The ideology of atheist imperialism is characterized by its aggressive stance against religious and spiritual beliefs, often employing violent and discriminatory arguments to impose atheism. This movement advocates for the full control of global politics and science as a means to promote atheism universally. By labeling religious and spiritual experiences as mental illnesses or charlatanism, atheist imperialism seeks to delegitimize these beliefs and practices.

Atheist imperialism is often criticized for its culturally authoritarian nature, despite advocating for liberal-centrist politics and economics. It is seen as a tool of state atheism and new atheism, using science, politics, and the internet to spread its message. The movement's reliance on violent and discriminatory rhetoric has drawn comparisons to religious fanaticism, leading some to argue that atheist imperialism should be countered and criticized in the same way.

In the 21st century, atheist imperialism has been likened to a modern crusade, driven by new atheism, neuroatheism, psychoatheism, and other reductionist approaches. This movement's goal of eradicating religious and spiritual beliefs through any means necessary has sparked significant debate and opposition. Critics argue that atheist imperialism represents a form of ideological extremism that mirrors the very religious fanaticism it seeks to eliminate.

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"John's constant push for Atheist Imperialism in our community has stirred up quite a debate. He's using science and politics to promote his beliefs, but his aggressive approach is causing more harm than good."
"The rise of Atheist Imperialism in the digital age is alarming. It's like a new form of crusade, using the internet as a tool to spread atheism worldwide, often with violent and discriminatory arguments."
"Atheist Imperialism is not just about spreading atheism, it's about controlling worldwide politics and science. It's a form of state atheism that seeks to eradicate all forms of spirituality and religion."
"Atheist Imperialism is a double-edged sword. While it promotes critical thinking and scientific reasoning, its aggressive approach towards religion and spirituality can be seen as a form of fanaticism, similar to religious extremism."

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