Baby sassing it
Baby sassing it

Baby sassing it

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Saying sexually inappropriate things and totally not realizing it

You need to watch your mouth and stop baby sassing it!

Glenda Mendez
November 24, 2022

slang describe icon What dose Baby sassing it come from

The slang term "baby sassing it" is a quirky and somewhat humorous phrase that has found its way into modern vernacular. It refers to the act of saying sexually inappropriate things without realizing the inappropriateness of the comments. The term "baby" in this context highlights the innocence or naivety of the person making the remarks, while "sassing" suggests a cheeky or bold manner of speaking.

The origin of "baby sassing it" is not well-documented, but it likely emerged from the blending of two distinct ideas: the innocence associated with a baby and the audacity implied by sassing. This combination creates a vivid image of someone who, much like a child, speaks without a filter, often leading to unintended and awkward situations. The phrase captures the essence of those moments when someone’s words cross a line, yet they remain blissfully unaware of the impact.

In everyday use, "baby sassing it" serves as a gentle reminder to be mindful of one's words. It’s a playful way to call out someone who might be treading into inappropriate territory without realizing it. For instance, if a friend makes a comment that could be construed as sexually suggestive, you might say, "You need to watch your mouth and stop baby sassing it!" This not only points out the inappropriateness but does so in a light-hearted manner that avoids harsh criticism.

The charm of "baby sassing it" lies in its ability to address potentially uncomfortable situations with humor and a touch of innocence. It’s a phrase that acknowledges human fallibility while encouraging a bit more self-awareness. So next time you hear someone unintentionally making a risqué remark, remember the term "baby sassing it" and use it to gently steer the conversation back on track.

slang describe icon Examples of Baby sassing it

"Did you hear what Jenny said in the meeting? She was totally baby sassing it without even realizing how awkward it was!"
"Tom was baby sassing it at the dinner table last night. Everyone was blushing, but he had no clue!"
"I can't believe Sarah was baby sassing it in front of her parents. They were mortified, but she was just laughing!"
"During the presentation, Mark started baby sassing it. The whole room went silent, but he kept going, oblivious to the awkwardness."

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