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rubbing your male genitalia (narso in Portuguese) against a male friend or coworker without making eye contact with the victim or giving previous notice.

"I was sitting at my desk when Jeremy surprised me from behing by leaning his dick against my elbow. Classic narsing!"

Tonia Estes
July 10, 2024

slang describe icon What dose Narsing come from

"Narsing" is a slang term that describes a specific and rather uncomfortable act of unwanted physical contact. It originates from the Portuguese word "narso," which translates to "penis." The term "narsing" is used to describe the act of rubbing one's male genitalia against another person, typically a male friend or coworker, without their consent or knowledge. The act is often characterized by the perpetrator avoiding eye contact with the victim and not giving any prior warning.

The term "narsing" is a relatively recent addition to the slang lexicon, likely emerging in the past few years. Its popularity has grown alongside the increased awareness of sexual harassment and the importance of consent in all forms of physical contact. While the act itself is clearly inappropriate and potentially illegal, the use of the term "narsing" highlights the casual and often humorous way in which such behavior is sometimes perceived, even though it is a serious offense.

slang describe icon Examples of Narsing

Dude, I was just trying to grab a coffee and this guy narses me in the line. So awkward!
I swear, John is always narsing me in the break room. It's like he doesn't even notice!
I was walking down the hallway and this guy narses me against the wall. I was so shocked!
I can't believe he narses me in the middle of the meeting. It was so unprofessional!

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