Senatorial impartiality
Senatorial impartiality

Senatorial impartiality

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adj. A somewhat magical quality once abundant in America but which, like the buffalo and entertaining broadcast TV, is now seldom seen.


Unicorn horns and senatorial impartiality do not exist! And I am a bit suspicious of this Tooth Fairy.

Lina Nguyen
June 18, 2024

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Once upon a time, senatorial impartiality was as American as apple pie. This phrase, dripping with irony, harks back to an era when lawmakers were thought to rise above partisan squabbles, embodying the very essence of fairness and objectivity. Alas, much like the buffalo roaming the vast plains or the golden age of broadcast TV that glued millions to their screens, senatorial impartiality has become a rare beast indeed.

The term is a wry nod to a bygone period when senators were seen as statesmen, their decisions driven by the common good rather than party lines. It's a throwback to the days when compromise wasn't a dirty word but a noble pursuit. Yet, as the political landscape has grown more polarized, the notion of senatorial impartiality seems more myth than reality, a fanciful relic that prompts a nostalgic sigh or a cynical chuckle.

Today, invoking senatorial impartiality is often done with a twinkle in the eye or a tongue firmly in cheek. It's a wink to the wise, a shared understanding that what once was taken for granted is now as elusive as a unicorn's horn. So, while we may yearn for the return of senatorial impartiality, for now, it remains a poignant reminder of what we've lost in the shuffle of modern politics.

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Remember when politicians could actually agree on something? That's like finding senatorial impartiality these days.
Watching the debate, hoping for a glimpse of senatorial impartiality, but it's like expecting a sitcom to make me laugh again.
I miss the days when senatorial impartiality wasn't as rare as a good reality TV show.
They talked about bringing back senatorial impartiality, and I'm here waiting for it like the next season of a show that got canceled.

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