slang describe icon What dose Vribble mean

When something vibrates a little

If my phone don’t vribble in the next 15 mins ima sit down for a minute before I get active

Benjamin Sinclair
July 8, 2024

slang describe icon What dose Vribble come from

"Vribble" is a slang term that describes a subtle vibration, often used to refer to the feeling of a phone vibrating in your pocket. It's a playful and informal way to describe the sensation, capturing the light, almost ticklish feeling of a phone buzzing. The term likely emerged from a combination of "vibrate" and "riddle," reflecting the way a phone's vibration can feel like a small, mysterious movement. The use of "vribble" adds a touch of humor and informality to the description, making it a popular choice among young people and those who enjoy using slang.

slang describe icon Examples of Vribble

My phone vribbled when I got a text from my bestie.
The car vribbled a little when I started it up.
I could feel the ground vribble when the train went by.
The speaker vribbled a little when I turned the music up too loud.

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A person who tries to play bball but really has some serious misunderstandings about certain technicalities such "travelling". Hence, even though they keep playing thinking that they're not travelling, they must be imagining that they are dribbling the ball...hence the term "invisible dribble". Could also be applied to people who think they have any kind of game, not just in in general. Situation 1 - Playing Ball Dude 1 - "Dude, look at all those steps he's taking...he's doing the carlton and he doesn't even know it. Doesn't he know he has to dribble the ball?" Dude 2 - "Yeah, he's got mad inivisible dribble skills". Situation 2 - Picking up a chick "Check out that dude over there trying to work some game on that chick...he's got nothing response...nada...seriously - invisible dribble and a half. But damn, she is who-licious nonetheless."