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A headcore roleplay troll only guild in World of Warcraft, found on the Maelstrom server.

Uh-oh, the Too'ska are coming, run like hell!

Eugenia Mayo
June 29, 2024

slang describe icon What dose Too'ska come from

"Too'ska" is a term used in the online gaming world of World of Warcraft, specifically referring to a guild known for its aggressive and chaotic playstyle. The guild, found on the Maelstrom server, is notorious for its headcore roleplay, a style of gameplay that emphasizes intense roleplaying and often involves a high level of commitment and dedication. The term "Too'ska" is likely derived from the guild's name, which is a play on the word "Tuska," a Finnish word meaning "pain" or "suffering." This name choice reflects the guild's reputation for being a challenging and demanding group to play with. The phrase "Uh-oh, the Too'ska are coming, run like hell!" is a humorous warning used by other players to signal the arrival of this formidable guild, highlighting their reputation for causing chaos and disruption in the game.

slang describe icon Examples of Too'ska

I heard the Too'ska are planning a raid on Stormwind, we better get out of there!
The Too'ska are known for their crazy antics, they're always causing trouble.
Don't mess with the Too'ska, they'll wreck you!
The Too'ska are the most hardcore roleplay guild on Maelstrom, they take it to the next level.

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