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Ancient German god of urination. It is believed ancient villages would have communal statues which they would urinate on to protect their families from demons and other evil spirits. In modern languages it is used as vulgar slang to describe people with weak bladders.

You are pissing like Smickus

Evelyn Diaz
June 25, 2024

slang describe icon What dose Smickus come from

"Smickus" is a slang term used to describe someone who has a weak bladder and urinates frequently or uncontrollably. While it might sound like a modern invention, its roots lie deep in ancient German folklore. The term is believed to have originated from a mythical figure, Smickus, who was the ancient German god of urination. Villages in ancient Germany would often erect statues of Smickus in their communal areas. These statues served as a focal point for the villagers to urinate upon, believing that this act would appease the god and protect their families from evil spirits and demons. Over time, the name "Smickus" became synonymous with urination itself, and eventually, it evolved into a slang term used to describe someone who urinates excessively. Today, the term "Smickus" is considered vulgar and is often used in a humorous or derogatory way. So, the next time you hear someone say "You're pissing like Smickus," you'll know they're referring to someone who can't hold their bladder.

slang describe icon Examples of Smickus

Dude, you're pissing like Smickus! You need to use the bathroom!
I can't believe he peed his pants in front of everyone. He's such a Smickus.
My dog is a Smickus. He pees on everything!
I'm so nervous I'm about to piss like Smickus!

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