Hxc kid
Hxc kid

Hxc kid

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Its one thing being hardore, but needing to define yourself as a hxc kid to define yourself means youre an absoloute gay. 'hxc kids' -usually pretentious older teen into what they call hardcore- thinks their own opinions are somewhat above anyone else's- an example of this is being too independent to get bands off popular alternative music magazines like Kerrang!

Although Kerrang is indeed a shit magazine for 13 year old teenage girls, it's also very rude not to even acknowledge someone who reads it. They would generally slate something like this on twitter, because they daren't in real life.

This being just an example of what general hxc kids are like, they also love going to local shows, tweeting about 'throwing down (although they probably don't' lmao) Buying desolated clothing, listing to my chemical romance secretly (because they called them shit on twitter and don't want to seem hypocritical) and going to a festival called ghostfest- aka hxc kid Mecca.

Hxc is a shorter word for hardcore and even though some hxc people are indeed 'hardcore' others are just pretentious dicks who think musical taste compensates for their lack of interesting factors about themselves. Once you find a bitchy hardcore dude, your opinions are all suddenly shit, and so are all your favourite bands, get used to it, they 'don't care'.

Careful if you're a scene kid or have remotely big hair, they'll 'spin kick' you in the pit.

Real hardcore people RESPECT EVERYONE

hxc kid: "if I see any scene kids in the pit they're gonna get windmilled"

friend: "last year, you were a scene kid hahah"

hxc kid: "Yes but I'm hxc now?"

Billie Pacheco
June 28, 2024

slang describe icon What dose Hxc kid come from

"Hxc kid" is a term used to describe a certain type of hardcore music enthusiast, often characterized by their pretentiousness and self-importance. The term is often used in a derogatory way, implying that these individuals are more concerned with appearing "hardcore" than actually enjoying the music.

The term likely originated in the early 2000s, during the rise of online communities dedicated to hardcore music. These communities were often filled with individuals who felt the need to constantly assert their "hardcore" credentials, often by criticizing other genres or subcultures. This behavior, coupled with the tendency of some "hxc kids" to adopt a particular style of clothing and behavior, led to the term becoming a shorthand for this type of individual.

The stereotype of the "hxc kid" often includes a disdain for mainstream music, a preference for obscure bands, and a tendency to gatekeep the hardcore scene. They might also be seen as overly critical of others' musical tastes, often dismissing those who don't share their own preferences.

While some "hxc kids" may genuinely be passionate about hardcore music, the term is often used to mock those who use their musical taste as a way to elevate themselves above others. It's important to remember that music is subjective, and everyone should be free to enjoy whatever they want without being judged or ridiculed.

slang describe icon Examples of Hxc kid

"I saw this hxc kid at the show wearing a shirt that said 'I'm not like other girls' and I just wanted to scream"
"My friend is a total hxc kid, he's always talking about how much better hardcore is than anything else"
"I went to a show last night and there was this hxc kid who kept trying to start fights with everyone"
"I'm not sure what's worse, the music or the hxc kids who listen to it"

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