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1. (adjective) The state or condition of being a boy.

2. (noun) The male genitalia.

1. “When he shyly took her hand, she was smitten by his sweet boyness.”

2. “As he stood, the bath towel around his waist fell to the floor and revealed his boyness.”

Lela Valencia
July 10, 2024

slang describe icon What dose Boyness come from

"Boyness" is a slang term that has been around for a while, though its exact origins are a bit murky. It's used to describe the qualities associated with being a boy, both physically and emotionally. The first definition, "the state or condition of being a boy," captures the innocence, naivety, and sometimes awkwardness that comes with youth. Think of a young boy's enthusiasm for a new toy or his unfiltered honesty. The second definition, "the male genitalia," is a more vulgar and direct use of the term. This usage is often found in more informal settings and can be considered offensive depending on the context. While "boyness" might seem like a simple word, it carries a lot of weight, reflecting the complex and often contradictory nature of masculinity.

slang describe icon Examples of Boyness

He's got that youthful boyness that makes him so charming.
His boyness was on full display as he ran around the playground.
The boyness of his voice made him sound like a teenager.
She couldn't resist the allure of his boyness.

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A term to describe an exhaustive discussion about the boaby. This discussion can be about boabys in general or the boaby of a certain person, usually mocking or ridiculing but sometimes complimenting. Kerry - "Ehhhhhh wits all this boabyness!" Lee Ann - "why kerry wot on earth do u mean?" Kerry - "tht dave keeps talkin 2 me about his brothers boaby, went on about the boaby all night" Lee Ann - "thts cos his brother does not have a boaby, his brother has a fanjita in place of the boaby"


A female's capacity to forgive her male (boy) counterpart regardless of his offenses. Primarily exercised by low income, teenaged, insecure, unstable, certifiably insane, women. The most profound examples of boygiveness can be found on daytime, televised talk shows. Maury specializes in such cases. any day of the week you can find a woman on his couch giving him some sob story- ' He's been with my best friend, got her pregnant, he's been with my sister, he's trying to get my mama, and he beats me on the regular, but I'll forgive all of it if he says he loves me.'