slang describe icon What dose Sheltyn mean

A person of wisness.mostly always active, kind twords others, but if you mess with him there will be consequences so watch yourself.sheltyn has black hair and is most likely gorgeous. He attracts all the ladies. But most of all his girlfriends are allways good looking and very sweet and nice, but allways has her line of attitude piss her off and shell roll her eyes at you like there's no tommorrow.

Sheltyn allways hangs out with freinds and his girlfriend. His freinds have names consistentsy of (koa,Michele, chase, and jaysen. His girlfriends names consists of( Victoria, Ellie, Sasha, and trinity

Jami Fuentes
June 28, 2024

slang describe icon What dose Sheltyn come from

"Sheltyn" is a slang term that has emerged from a specific social group, likely a group of friends or a community. It's used to describe a person with a particular set of characteristics. The term suggests a person who is wise, active, and kind, but also capable of standing up for themselves. The description also emphasizes physical attributes, suggesting that a "Sheltyn" is likely to be attractive with black hair. The term further implies that "Sheltyn" is popular and has a strong social circle, often with friends named Koa, Michele, Chase, and Jaysen. The description also highlights the type of girlfriends a "Sheltyn" might have, suggesting they are attractive, sweet, and have a bit of an attitude. While the origin of the term "Sheltyn" is unclear, it's likely a nickname or slang term that developed within a specific group and has spread through word of mouth.

slang describe icon Examples of Sheltyn

Man, Sheltyn is such a chill dude, always down to hang out.
Sheltyn's got that mysterious vibe that makes him so attractive.
Don't mess with Sheltyn, he's got a temper when he's pushed.
Sheltyn's girlfriend is absolutely stunning, but she's got a bit of a sassy side.

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The best most awesome Girlfriend a guy could ever ask for, she respects you as a person, she is fun to be around, and you just want to be with her every second of the day. Has great taste in clothes and guys. any smart guy goes nuts over her. people often address her as intelligent, beautiful, sexy, perfect, adorable, cute, understanding, trustworthy, and just someone who is absolutely perfect. Her spunkyness and amazing personality may sometimes be taken for being too awesome but she truly is an amazing girlfriend who you would love to (but never will) be with. if you do ever get a Shellyn you truly are very very very lucky guy to have her. yo josh is spending every second with that new girl ya cause shes Shellyn how couldn't you