Automatic ender
Automatic ender

Automatic ender

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A person in Fortnite that puts You in the “knocked down” stage in proceed to end your life. This could be done anytime, anywhere, and in any conditions you, your teammate or the ender is.

The rust lord is coming he’s a automatic ender.

Blue hat is a automatic ender.

Timothy Lewis
June 17, 2024

slang describe icon What dose Automatic ender come from

The term "automatic ender" is a fascinating piece of slang that has its roots in the popular online video game, Fortnite. This term has a specific meaning within the game's community, referring to a player who is notorious for putting opponents in the "knocked down" stage and then proceeding to end their life in the game. This action can be executed anytime, anywhere, and under any conditions, regardless of the state of the player, their teammate, or the ender.

The origin of "automatic ender" is deeply intertwined with the evolution of Fortnite's gameplay and its community. As players sought to describe the ruthless individuals who would swiftly and mercilessly eliminate their characters, the term "automatic ender" was born. It perfectly encapsulates the relentless nature of these players, who are always ready to strike, regardless of the circumstances.

An example of this can be seen in the phrase, "The rust lord is coming, he's an automatic ender." Here, the term is used to warn teammates of an approaching player known for their ruthless gameplay. Similarly, "Blue hat is an automatic ender" is another instance where the term is used to identify a player with a reputation for being an automatic ender.

The term "automatic ender" has since become a staple in the Fortnite community, used to describe those players who are relentless in their pursuit of victory, regardless of the cost. It's a testament to the competitive spirit of the game and the lengths players will go to secure a win. So, the next time you find yourself in a Fortnite match, keep an eye out for the automatic enders. They're the players who will stop at nothing to claim victory.

slang describe icon Examples of Automatic ender

"Watch out for that player in the distance, he's known as an automatic ender. He'll knock you down and finish you off before you even know what hit you."
"I was just about to revive my teammate when this automatic ender swooped in and ended our game. He didn't even give us a chance."
"We were doing so well until we ran into an automatic ender. He took us out one by one, no matter how hard we tried to fight back."
"I've heard rumors about a player who's an automatic ender. They say he can take out an entire squad single-handedly. I hope we never cross paths with him."

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