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Johnish - {Jan-ish} Adjective Mopey, Pessimistic, Filled with a lack of hope for the world, Disdainful, Self-Hating, Emo

Comes from the "Latin" Root "John Strange" who is frequently Johnish

Person 1: hey man I am so worthless, there is nothing left in this world for me. *Breaks into tears*

Person 2: Hey Dude What the heck?! Quit being so Johnish and grow some stones. Your life is not that bad!

Johanna Mcfarland
July 8, 2024

slang describe icon What dose Johnish come from

"Johnish" is a slang term that describes a person who is mopey, pessimistic, and generally filled with a lack of hope for the world. It's a term that evokes a sense of self-hatred and disdain, often associated with emo subculture. The origin of "Johnish" is a bit of a joke, stemming from a fictional "Latin" root, "John Strange." This fictional character is said to be the epitome of "Johnish" behavior, embodying the negativity and self-deprecation that the term represents.

The phrase "Johnish" is often used in a playful, yet critical, way. It's a way to call out someone who is wallowing in negativity, encouraging them to lighten up and see the brighter side of things. The term is often used in a humorous context, highlighting the absurdity of someone's self-pity. For example, someone might say, "Stop being so Johnish! It's not the end of the world." This statement uses "Johnish" to poke fun at the person's negativity, suggesting that their problems are not as serious as they make them out to be.

While "Johnish" is a relatively new slang term, it has quickly gained popularity among young people. It's a term that captures the essence of a certain type of negativity, making it a relatable and humorous way to express frustration with someone's pessimistic outlook.

slang describe icon Examples of Johnish

Dude, stop being so Johnish, you're making everyone else feel down.
I'm feeling so Johnish today, I just want to stay in bed all day.
She's always so Johnish, she never seems to have anything good to say.
He's been Johnish ever since he lost his job.

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