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Ketziah is a very beautiful girl capable of unimaginable things. She can tend to have different emotions but as long as you’re good to her, she’s good with you. She doesn’t like annoying people (who does honestly). Most times, she can be (in some ways) rude to the nicer people. She doesn’t like people to easily, but just give her time. She loves to laugh and has one of the prettiest ever heard to human. Don’t be fooled though.... she can knock you out in a split second if you mess with her. She’s very strong and has a very good heart. She doesn’t believe that she’s beautiful but if you keep telling her everyday, she’ll appreciate it even more. She HATES being lied to and won’t stop until she gets the full truth out of you. Don’t try to change her or she’ll ruin your life. END OF DISCUSSION

Look at her go....IT’S KETZIAH FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD! Of course she’ll attract all the eyes.

John Johnson
July 9, 2024

slang describe icon What dose Ketziah come from

"Ketziah" is a slang term used to describe a captivating and powerful woman. The term likely originated from the biblical figure Keturah, Abraham's second wife, known for her beauty and strength. The slang emphasizes the woman's captivating nature, drawing attention wherever she goes. "Ketziah" suggests a woman who is both physically attractive and possesses a strong personality, capable of both kindness and fierce determination. The term highlights the duality of her nature, capable of both gentleness and a powerful defense when necessary. The slang emphasizes the importance of honesty and respect when interacting with a "Ketziah," as she values truth and will not tolerate deceit. The term "Ketziah" is a playful and admiring way to acknowledge the unique and powerful presence of a woman who embodies both beauty and strength.

slang describe icon Examples of Ketziah

Man, that Ketziah is so strong, she could probably lift a car!
I've never heard a laugh as beautiful as Ketziah's.
Don't try to lie to Ketziah, she'll see right through you.
You're lucky to have Ketziah in your life, she's one of a kind.

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Kezziah is a natural beauty with an amazing personality. She's so funny and always there for you. She is unknown to how beautiful she is and lacks self esteem sometimes. She is also intelligent. Shes very flirty. She knows right from wrong most of the time. Kezziah sometimes has a slow reaction to things ( an example could be if a joke is told it might take kezzia a few mintues before she gets it ) She's a girl you'll have awesome funny memories with. She can be a bitch at times but If you ever find a kezziah, hold on to her. Shes always gonna be there for you in the end. Any guy would be lucky to have a kezziah in his life. Shes kind and caring and has beautiful eyes. She'll be your bestfriend. Boy 1: i think im fallin' for kezziah Boy 2: go for it dude